Mike Parker

Mike Parker is Vice President of Integrations and Applications Development at Sound Payments. He has nearly 30 years of experience in the transaction automation industry, including payments, petro/fleet services, government programs, and healthcare.

His accomplishments include launching a healthcare EDI company for integration of HIPAA compliant interaction between insurance companies and doctor offices via integrated software components.

Mike served in numerous roles for Verifone. While at Verifone, he launched many programs that change the way companies do business today — electronic government benefits, Medicare/Medicaid, electronic fish and game permitting, restaurant payments at the table, Payware Mobile, Global Bay Merchant, Point US and Legacy Product End of Life.

Mike was the Director of Application Development for all North American payment processors to drive EMV certifications.

He launched the Technical Project Management team for North American application development for stand-alone, fully integrated and semi-integrated projects.

Mike has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and his MBA in Corporate Finance.

He is married with four children, but he and his wife Kelly are now empty nesters. He enjoys RV’ing in many forms. College football game tailgating, Jimmy Buffet tailgating, NASCAR events, and camping without sleeping on the ground. Having grown up in a very small town in the Catskills of New York, he has a great appreciation for small town USA no matter where that small town may be and likes to get off the beaten path to experience those towns.