Abhay V. Trivedi

Dr. Trivedi is the Executive Vice President of Operations at Sound Payments Banking Technology Solutions. Dr. Trivedi is part of the strategic team that helps the banking channel at Sound Payments achieve its goals of providing a better banking experience for consumers and businesses and helping financial institutions succeed. He oversees all operational functions, including process improvement, project management, product management and resource optimization.

His research into mistake proofing operations in various industries including “zero-defects” in healthcare and finance brought him to Sound Payments and the financial world. The speed of transactions, the expectations of quality and the opportunity to explore Design for Six Sigma was exciting.

Dr. Trivedi is an author, a consultant and a researcher with worldwide consulting and training assignments. He has served as an analyst and advisor to organizations in China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Europe and North America.

For more than 25 years Dr. Trivedi has assessed project management, cost reduction and Lean Six Sigma needs for complex, multi-national businesses. This has included evaluating process value streams, providing global manufacturing competitiveness knowledge, setting up Centers for Excellences and providing expert advice on global outsourcing.

Dr. Trivedi has coached and worked with CEOs, Senators, and technical and management personnel to setup IT governance, improving efficiency and strategic planning. Dr. Trivedi was a NASA summer research fellow and an Oak Ridge research fellow along with being awarded $8 million in grants. He was previously awarded the Society of Manufacturing Engineers “Educator of the Year” award. Dr. Trivedi is also the author of a very successful project management book “The Clueless Project Manager.”

Dr. Trivedi is an avid reader and has a passion for playing chess. He lives in Jacksonville, FL with his wife of 26 years, Shilpa, and their three children Neil, Nikhil and Adi.