Sound Payments BTS brings innovation, efficiency and simplicity to the banking experience for consumers and businesses. The unified online and mobile banking design and functionality across all devices brings numerous benefits, but what makes our platform unique are the tools that it boasts such as a virtual vault, advanced bill pay, an eComm store and much more. And, it was built with growth in mind — to provide new revenue streams and behavioral analytics that gives critical marketing insights for banks and credit unions. Sound Payments BTS delivers the functionality of a larger financial institution while offering even more features like a simplified transfer process to move money among accounts, as well as external recipients, and more ways to view account details


It’s a tough marketplace. And business owners are busier than ever, doing more with fewer employees. The Sound Payments BTS business experience delivers all the consumer benefits plus specific tools to help businesses succeed.



Consumers seek convenience. Sound Payments BTS delivers an intuitive, modern design with tools that makes banking simple. It all starts with giving consumers the option to customize.



eComm gives business members an opportunity to increase revenue and have an online presence at a low price. eComm also offers financial institutions an additional revenue stream.

Branch Automation

Sound Payments BTS’ branch automation allow financial institutions to provide better customer service at local branches while providing alternative revenue and cross-selling opportunities.