Simplified Transfer Process & More Options

Our simplified transfer option on the home page makes moving money easy while the Transfer Center provides guidance on all available options.

Consumers can move money by internal and external transfers, member-to-member transfer, person-to-person pay, domestic and international wire, ACH, payroll, and even options to transfer funds to a charitable organization or investment account.


Consumers have the ability to transfer funds on the snapshot screen by simply choosing the accounts and moving the scroll bar from left to right.

Consumer Friendly

The Transfer Center provides guidance for consumers on the numerous options to transfer funds.

Fast Navigation

The flow of the site allows consumers to quickly access the transfer options from multiple locations on the site.

More Options

Consumers have many options to transfer money, including Internal and External Transfers, member-to-member transfers, person-to-person, domestic and international wire and even to a charitable organization or to your own retirement or investment account.