Issuer Solutions


A powerful and adaptable real-time card application processing program. Its table-driven parameters provide flexibility in defining the work rules and decision processes for evaluating applications, with a simplified approach to workflow control. It can be integrated easily with the Sound Payments BTS issuer module to make the processing of new credit/debit/prepaid card requests quick and seamless.

Feature summary:

  • Capture of Applications Received (applications from SoundPay APIs, back office, external system, batch files, etc.)
  • Special Unassigned Card Number Blocking: BIN Sequence Input, Card Number Status and Care Number Inquiry
  • Automatic or manual decision making based on scoring rules and support for online decision maintenance
  • Automatic Update of Approved Applications to the Card Profile Management Module
  • Application Tracking by Product, Card Type, Application Source and Ageing
  • Generation of Document Request Letters and Decision Letters
  • Generation of Output file for Negative File Checking
  • Queue assignments based on business rules
  • On-line Application Maintenance
  • Data verification based on rules
EMV Parameters and Scripts

This module will provide the basic card
parameters, EVM card parameters and define
the scripts of chip-enabled cards.

Card Personalization

Our key management system provides the flexibility to manage a very large number of keys throughout their entire lifecycle. Keys are generated, maintained, transmitted, and removed from circulation after reaching their expiry date.

Customer Management

Our customer module provides comprehensive functionalities for customer service agents to have quick and easy access to client information. It also allows users to maintain customer information online where all changes to information are logged for future reference.


The Sound Payments BTS authorization module is a real-time 24×7 on-line application designed to support the multi-bank or single-bank authorization process of the card issuing business.

Accounting and Billing

The finance module handles all the financial related aspects of the customer including the posting of transactions into the financial accounts of the customer, calculation and accrual of the daily interest based on the various balance component positions and the levying of transaction fee, service charges, FOREX mark-up, etc., based on the product parameters set up by the bank.

Card Services

Sound Payments BTS manages the card life cycle via back office and related interfaces, which allows for the many administrative functions to be performed.

Token Management

Our tokenization solution provides a secure and cost-effective alternative to managing sensitive card details.

Overdraft and Installments

Our overdraft management module enables the debit system to support secured loans and overdrafts to cardholders.

Pin Services

Sound Payments BTS supports two types of PIN per card. Secure PINs are used for transactions that were acquired from secure devices, like PIN pads in a retail environment.