Account Snapshot

Consumers expect consistency across all devices. Sound Payments BTS’ unified, modern design and functionality across all devices brings numerous benefits, but what also makes the platform unique are the tools that it boasts in all areas of the site.

On the home screen, consumers have easier and more ways to move money. Also numerous ways to view account details and a snapshot of all accounts on the home screen makes financial analysis and planning easier. Inclusive to the site, the platform is also available in Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese and Spanish.

Sound Payments Banking Account Snapshot

Account Activity

The activity page provides a clean, easy-to-use view of account details. Consumers can select and view any account from this screen and look at transaction details. They can also view account details and download account history. For any questions about transactions, users simply hit the Send Message button and an email with the transaction details will be delivered to them.
Sound Payments Banking Account Detail Screen

Transfer Center

The Transfer Center is a tool that simplifies banking and was created with the consumer in mind.

It provides details for consumers on each of the different methods to transfer funds. They still have the option to easily choose their transfer method under Transfers for fast navigation.

Consumers have many options to transfer money, including internal and external transfers, member-to-member transfers, person-to-person, domestic and international wire. They even have the option to transfer funds to a charitable organization or to their own retirement or investment account.
Sound Payments Banking Transfer Screen

Virtual Vault

Sound Payments BTS offers the only Virtual Vault, which provides a secure digital platform to house sensitive documents, including living wills, passports, birth certificates, passwords and legal documents.

For an additional security measure, consumers simply set up a four-digit pin.

They can organize sensitive documents and passwords by folder.  It’s simple to upload files and they can access their documents from a mobile device from any location.
Sound Payments Banking Virtual Vault